“Nature journaling” is a fairy straightforward concept: we journal about nature. It’s undoubtedly been called by other titles before, such as: keeping a naturalist’s notebook, keeping a field journal, keeping a scientist’s databook, keeping a botanical diary, etc. It’s about observation, information, questions, connections. It’s been done for as long as we’ve been able to make marks.

The exact words, “nature journaling”, are fairly new. These words can certainly include scientific study, botanical illustration, poetry, math, and more – and in fact, the nature of nature journaling is meant to allow for YOU to decide what appeals to you most in your ultimate goal of connecting more with nature. That’s the fun part of nature journaling – while the goal is the same, it might LOOK and MANIFEST differently for two different people. And that’s OK!

I am told that the incredible Clare Walker Leslie first made this term known and common through her many books she has written on nature journaling since 1980. My friend and mentor John Muir Laws has certainly expanded on Clare’s work and made the practice of nature journaling possible for a global community. But the first person who introduced me to the term was my friend and college housemate, Marley Peifer.

(more about my nature journaling coming soon!)